Playing in an online casino gives you excitement and fun in an environment that makes you feel like you’re in a real casino. Becoming a VIP in an online casino gives you access to even more benefits and will make you feel like a real high-roller. So what benefits do you get as an online casino VIP?

Cashback – VIP players get more cashback on their account deposits; this is usually a percentage of the money paid into an online casino account.

Dedicated support – VIP guests in online casinos get their very own account manager or dedicated point of contact, to deal with any account issues or questions.

VIP games – Ever wondered what those closed off doors in real casinos are? They are VIP rooms for the high-rollers and online casinos have these too.

Prize draws – The VIP package on offer from many online casinos for VIP players, includes access to prize draws that normal account holders won’t get. These will have bigger prizes, be of higher value, and only VIP players are entered into the draw, giving them a higher chance of winning.

Bonuses – Many casinos compete to get players by offering bonuses, and as a VIP you get even bigger and better bonuses. There are usually promotions offered daily, weekly or monthly, and these are exclusively for VIP players. Visit here to learn about online casino success.

Special Limits – VIP players, in some casinos, are offered preferential table limits, allowing players to place bets that are higher than the usual limits. This gives VIP players the chance to win even bigger and boost their high-roller status.

These are just some of the benefits that online casinos provide to VIP players. There are many more and these will be found on the VIP package details page, on the casino website.