There is a first time for everything. For beginners in betting, the most common factor is lost wagers. Beginners do manage to lose a huge amount of money because they make armature mistakes. There are ways through which veterans have managed to stay relatively off the losing streak, although every gambler has an off day when everything seems to go wrong. Here are some tips on how to begin with not losing. The first tip is to not bet on outcomes that you have no idea about. Beginners mostly look at the odds and if they add up to a huge potential winning they place the bet. Well, sometimes luck will smile down on the beginner but chances are that money will be lost. To prevent that from happening, it is often advised that beginners only place single bets on events that they understand well. The second tip is to avoid betting after losing a bet. When you lose a bet, take some time away and do other things. You see, betting is about being rational and calculating. That is why sports betting companies are run by statisticians and probability math scientists. The odds are set as a result of a logical mathematical process. You cannot beat that through emotional response. You need to be cool and level headed; beginners who don’t stop and clam down will place bets with emotion, and lose hard. The third tip is to only stake that which you are willing to lose. Betting is gambling, and beginners need to know that you stand a bigger chance of losing than winning. To prevent bad loses, only bet that which you can live without. If you find that you are staking more than you can afford then you need to quit the game. Beginners can have armature’s luck but it would be better to learn the logical process slowly than stake carelessly.