Do you find that you are a bit bored during any downtime when watching sports online? Does football halftime have you twiddling your thumbs? If so, you should be interested to know that there are a few quick games which are designed to keep you entertained until your game resumes to live play. What are some of the most fun and rewarding?


Bingo is a great idea if you only have five or ten minutes before the match resumes. As rounds can be completed easily and you have a great number of variants to choose from, bingo is an excellent option. Choosing larger sites such as Megafortune will offer you the greatest number of options and bingo can be played for fun or for real cash prizes.

Role-Playing Games

One of the best aspects of the modern role-playing game is the fact that it can be played and accessed within a matter of minutes (particularly if you have already downloaded it onto your hard drive). While you may not necessarily have hours until the streaming sports match resumes, you can nonetheless enjoy a few minutes of these fun and exciting marvels.


The reason that blackjack is preferred over other card games such as poker is that a hand can be played in a matter of seconds. As there is less strategy involved, you can keep a portion of your attention focused upon other things as well. Of course, you can play this for fun or for the chance to win a potentially large jackpot. If you are interested in cash rewards, always be sure to inform yourself in regards to the blackjack strategies that successful players will use.So, passing the time between virtual sporting events can be both fun and rewarding. These short games are all ideal at keeping you entertained until your favourite team is once again back on the screen.