Rakeback is something that many players hear about but not so many know what it actually is. Simply put, rakeback is a way of poker rooms rewarding loyal players. Most poker rooms will take a small percentage of the pot in order to acquire money to keep the room running. This is called the rake and most players don’t even know that it is taken. Rakeback is when the poker room gives back a small percentage of the rake, back to the players, hence rakeback. Rakeback can actually be a very lucrative way to play poker and a lot of poker players earn a decent amount simply from this before counting in any money that they win. Whilst rakeback is a great way to earn extra, it is also not that common and can be hard to find online whereas other poker bonuses can be found much more easily. In the past, it used to be everywhere but in more recent years, the more common bonus options are now in the form of VIP or loyalty programs that still offer players excellent rewards. These loyalty packages can offer players the chance to win tournament tickets, extra prizes, free rolls, and other poker bonuses. Rakeback has also started to become unpopular, and the reasons for that can be online. Free rolls, for example, are another excellent way for players to get ahead as they are simply free entry into poker tournaments. Unlike free poker sites, free rolls offer players the chance to win real money cash prizes. Sometimes later on in the tournament, there may be a requirement to pay some kind of fee but for the most part, this type of play potentially allows players to make money completely for free. Other poker bonuses can be welcome match deposits into the casino or poker room, allowing players to play with double the money they deposited.