Heta strategispel online

Strategispel har många olika former och dom flesta ser inte ut som de gamla Schack spelen. Dom kan löst placeras i tre olika kategorier: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) och kort.


Blizzards Star Craft har dominerat RTS kategorin sedan sin introduktion 1998 och har samlat på sig ett passionerat följe av spelare som spelar både för nöjes skull och profesionellt. Med introduktionen av Starcraft 2, 2010, skapade Blizzard ett ramverk för ligaspel som främjade konkurens och ledde till att StarCraft blev den ledande e-sporten. Med turneringspriser som stiger över miljoner är StarCraft det RTS spelet att spela.


Denna relativt ny genre skapades när Defense of the Ancients modul för Blizzards Warcraft 3 infördes. Två lag slåss mot varandra på en sluten arena i syfte att förstöra det andra lagets bas med hjälp av styrbara spelkaraktärer som har unika kompetenser. League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients 2 och Dawngate är två banor värd att besöka och de är mycket populära just nu.


Magic the Gathering är det ursprungliga strategiska kortspelet och de nyare banorna har antagit samma grundidé men förbättrat spelet. De populäraste kortspelet idag är Hearthstone producerad utav Blizzard. Magic the Gather har också passionerade följare liksom det kommande Hex: Shards of Fate som tros ta plats i genret.

Making Money with Gaming

What better way is there to make a tidy sum of money than by playing the games that we all love? If you are one of the countless online gaming enthusiasts, you may have wondered if there is any way to earn a considerable income off of these platforms. Although it is highly unlikely that this will transform into your full-time job, there are plenty of sites which will enable you to walk away a winner. So, let’s look at some top tips to ensure that you are headed down the right path.

Only the Best Sites

First, recall that not all online gaming platforms are created equally. It is best to only choose sites such as Megafortune which are able to boast solid reputations. They will employ trusted payment systems, jackpots will all be quite clear and there are a wide variety of games to choose from.

Greed is Good (to a Point)

Some of the most comprehensive sites always touch upon the fact that the amount of profit is solely up to the player. However, let us never forget that the house eventually always wins. This is simply a matter of statistics. Inexperienced gamers will often blindly follow a streak of luck until they lose the sum of their earlier winnings. In fact, some of the most professional gamers can sometimes fall into this very same trap. It is therefore best to set up rules ahead of time. There are two ways to accomplish this. You may choose to establish a limit on the amount of profit to be taken during any single session. If you accrue this figure, walk away. An alternative is to only place a maximum portion of your winnings on each subsequent hand (perhaps twenty per cent). Even if you lose this amount, you will not be wiped clean.By choosing trusted online platforms and avoiding greed, a healthy profit may very well await!

Popular Online games

Games are penetrating popular culture like never before and are reaching new audiences in the ‘casual gamer’ demographic. With expanding network options and an emphasis on community, most games have an online component. Online games fall into three broad categories: mobile, computer and console.

Mobile Games

Mobile games dominate the casual gamer market. Games like Candy Crush, Bejeweled, Plants versus Zombies and Angry Birds offer simple rules and increasingly difficult levels. Most do not have player versus player capacity, but many offer a ‘free to play’ style with micro transactions to reset timers or purchase in game currency to achieve goals faster.

Computer Games

This is a very wide category encapsulating everything from browser based flash games to triple A titles. RPG’s are particularly popular, with pay per month examples being World of Warcraft, Wildstar, Everquest, and Eve Online. Free to Play examples are defence of the ancients, league of legends and world of tanks where players are pitted against other players. Counterstrike, Portal and Team Fortress 2 are examples of online first person shooters.

Console Games

Many console games now offer multiplayer, and many games are offered on both computer and console. Destiny, Titan fall, Call of Duty are online shooters. Mario Kart and Forza series are popular racing games on console. Story driven games like Farcry and Grand Theft Auto are also popular.

Small Games to Play Between E-Sport Matches

Do you find that you are a bit bored during any downtime when watching sports online? Does football halftime have you twiddling your thumbs? If so, you should be interested to know that there are a few quick games which are designed to keep you entertained until your game resumes to live play. What are some of the most fun and rewarding?


Bingo is a great idea if you only have five or ten minutes before the match resumes. As rounds can be completed easily and you have a great number of variants to choose from, bingo is an excellent option. Choosing larger sites such as Megafortune will offer you the greatest number of options and bingo can be played for fun or for real cash prizes.

Role-Playing Games

One of the best aspects of the modern role-playing game is the fact that it can be played and accessed within a matter of minutes (particularly if you have already downloaded it onto your hard drive). While you may not necessarily have hours until the streaming sports match resumes, you can nonetheless enjoy a few minutes of these fun and exciting marvels.


The reason that blackjack is preferred over other card games such as poker is that a hand can be played in a matter of seconds. As there is less strategy involved, you can keep a portion of your attention focused upon other things as well. Of course, you can play this for fun or for the chance to win a potentially large jackpot. If you are interested in cash rewards, always be sure to inform yourself in regards to the blackjack strategies that successful players will use.So, passing the time between virtual sporting events can be both fun and rewarding. These short games are all ideal at keeping you entertained until your favourite team is once again back on the screen.

Starcraft 2 in the E-Sport Arena

Competitive play started with StarCraft when it was released in 1998, but then exploded when the long anticipated sequel, StarCraft 2, was released worldwide in 2010. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty was released by Blizzard Entertainment as part of a three phase deployment, the second in the series, StarCraft: Heart of the Swarm, was released three years later in 2013 with the third installment, StarCraft: Legacy of the Void still in development with no release date set. StarCraft 2 is a Real Time Strategy game pitting 2 to 8 players against each other in a skirmish type battle. Competitive players usually exhibit mastery of base building and army management, as well as timing and strategy in order to accomplish victory.StarCraft 2 has had multiplayer support and online player versus player capacity from the beginning, and lends itself to tournament play. Recreational play has existed from the start. Seeing the rise of e-sports with other games like Call of Duty and Counterstrike, Blizzard saw the capacity for professional players in StarCraft 2, especially in Korea where the game has a massive following. Thus the World Championship Series was born. Starting in 2010 with the release of StarCraft: Wings of Liberty and continuing to present day, the Series accommodates the whole world and focuses on three major geographical locations: America, Europe and Korea. Top teams compete within each location for a spot at the finals where top teams from all three locations are brought together to determine the overall world champion. Prize money for the series is estimated at over 2 million with additional cash prizes available at important mid series events.

World’s Largest E-Sports Competitions

E-Sports are fast becoming a popular and important part of popular culture, attracting more fans and participants each year. With prize money now reaching into the millions of dollars, competition is fierce and the athletes involved are no less passionate than those participating in physical sports. An e-sport is any video game that is played at a professional level through tournaments and other recognized competitions. Games include genres like Real Time Strategy, First Person Shooter and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The largest of these competitions are usually the world championships of their respective games. Below is listed the top prize money tournaments in e-sport history.

  1. The International. The world championship of Defence of the Ancients has the record of having largest prize money, with about 11 million USD available in 2014 and nearly 3 million in 2013. In 2014 14 teams of 5 participated in front of sold out audiences at the KeyArena in Seattle.
  2. LOL World Championships. League of Legends has recently grown in popularity and ranks second for overall prize money available in e-sports. The finals in 2014 were held in Seoul, South Korea and had a prize of 2.1 million dollars. 16 teams totalling 82 competitors participated.
  3. Call of Duty Championship. The Call of Duty championship holds the number three position when it comes to e-sports. The last few years of championships have offered 1 million dollars for prize money to 8 competing teams. Each year a different edition of the game has been played.

Other notable e-sports featuring tournaments with large cash purses to win are Halo, StarCraft, counter strike and Dead or Alive.

Hot Online Strategy Games

Strategy games are taking many different shapes and most of them certainly don’t look anything like the chess and checkers of old. They fall loosely into three different categories; Real Time Strategy (RTS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Card.


Blizzard’s StarCraft has dominated the RTS category since its introduction in 1998, garnering a passionate following that plays both recreationally and professionally. With the introduction of StarCraft 2 in 2010 Blizzard created a framework for league play that fostered a competitive environment that led to StarCraft becoming a premier e-sport. With tournament prizes rising to the millions, StarCraft is the RTS to play.


This relatively new genre was created when Defense of the Ancients module for Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 was introduced. Two teams of players battle against each other on a closed with the objective of destroying the other teams base using controllable characters with unique skills. League of Legends, Defence of the Ancients 2 and Dawngate are notable entries and are very popular right now.


Magic the gathering is the original card strategy game, but recent entries have adopted the same basic idea and improved upon it. The most popular currently is Hearthstone produced by blizzard. Magic the gather also has a fervent following and the upcoming Hex: Shards of Fate is set to make substantial waves.