You’ve been watching the tournaments on TV and playing a lot of poker with your friends, and maybe even winning at the casino tables. At this point, you’re thinking that you could be a professional poker player. If you’re thinking about going pro, it’s time to consider a few very important things.

  1. How Often Do You Win Pay attention to your game. Do you win consistently? Are you playing against skilled players or just any old Joe? If you’ve only been playing your friends, try switching things up. Head to a casino or log into an online casino and see how you fare. A professional poker player needs to be winning consistently in order to build the bankroll.
  2. Get Experience You cannot be a professional poker player without tons of experience. You need to spend time at the poker tables in order to make money at the poker tables. Don’t live near a casino? Check out the many different online poker tables available. Check out this resource to find out what the best online poker websites are.
  3. Find the Pro Mind-set Don’t get hung up on each hand that you lose. Make a note of the mistakes you made and then move on. Professional poker players learn from bad hands without getting destroyed by them. Follow the professional tournaments and learn from the professional players. Try checking out magazines like this one that covers poker tournaments and check out how the pros really act.
  4. Make a Record of It If you’re determined to work up to the professional level, start keeping records of your games now. Make a record of how much you win or lose each time you play. Over time, you’ll develop a better understanding of your own abilities, your bankroll, and your future as a poker player.